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    Pre-formed foam generators may be sized for any production rate and are for use with either continuous or batch mixing systems. Pressure tanks are supplied in sizes from 30 to 200 gallon capacity to accommodate the project size.

    All units include a calibrated foam nozzle with fixed foam discharge rates from 5 to 40 CFM (depending on the flow needed). Where continuous foaming operation is desired, two tanks of equal size may be coupled together in parallel, so one may be discharging foam while the other is being refilled without stopping production.

    Foam generators are also available with electric, gasoline or diesel powered air compressors mounted onto the tank units for use on projects where adequate volumes and pressures of compressed air are not available from another source.

    Pressure Tank Generating Systems

    Continuous Generating Systems

    Minimum Air Requirements

    Generator Model Minimum Air Requirements
    T30 7-15 cfm at 80 psi
    T80 15-30 cfm at 100 psi
    T200 30-60 cfm at 110 psi
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    Average Foam Production

    Generator Model Average Foam Production(ft3)
    Protein Synthetic
    T30 80 120
    T80 213 320
    T200 534 801
    AUTO Continuous Continuous
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    Foam Generators

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