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Geotechnical Applications

Low density cellular concrete fill (LDCC) produced using the AERLITE family of foaming agents is used to solve a wide variety of challenges in the geotechnical construction industry. Our technical team has the ability to customize our foaming agents to meet specific project requirements unable to be met by traditional foams. Learn More

Mining Applications

The AERLITE family of foaming agents and AQUAERiX can be used in a variety of applications for the mining industry. The Aerix team is also working to develop new applications for foam technology in the mining industry that does not involve cementitious binders and addresses challenges unique to mining.
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Pervious Concrete Applications

Pervious cellular concrete produced with our patented AQUAERiX liquid foam concentrate provides proven geotechnical solutions for applications requiring drainage capacities exceeding those obtainable from compacted soil or CLSM.

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Roofing Applications

MEARLCRETE LWIC roof deck systems have an extended track record of excellent performance and are superior to rigid board insulation systems. A MEARLCRETE LWIC roof deck is FM approved, UL classified and Miami-Dade County approved. Learn More

Ready Mix Applications

AERFLOW foam liquid concentrate is specially engineered for the production of controlled low strength material (CLSM), providing solutions for applications where typical flowable fill is appropriate.
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Manufacturing Applications

Cellular lightweight concrete produced from MEARLCRETE is ideal for manufacturing precast blocks and other structures, high compressive strengths make it an excellent building material.

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Flooring Applications

Cellular concrete using the Aerix family of foaming agents provides an ideal alternative to standard-weight concrete in a variety of flooring applications, offering advantages in sound deadening and insulation.
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