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The world's leading supplier and manufacturer of foam liquid concentrates for the production of low-density cellular concrete and advanced engineered foam solutions

Aerix Industries is known globally for our commitment to research, innovation, applied expertise, and passionate support for our customers’ success. Since the 1940’s we have been providing innovative solutions to the construction, mining, manufacturing, roofing, and ready mix industries. Our dedication to research and development has lead us to produce a progressive line of engineered foam liquid concentrates, including cutting-edge patented products that outperform other alternatives in the marketplace. Our highly-educated and experienced technical team is committed to offering the most comprehensive technical support to help our clients achieve their specific project goals.Read about our History

Quality Products

Durable cell structure not affected by long pumping distances or extended mixing allows our products to out-perform others in the marketplace. Tests prove our products help meet industry specifications and project criteria that others cannot.

Technical Field Support

Our experienced technical team provides hands-on consultation services to find the best solutions for your specific application. Through customer training programs, mix design assistance, and on-site batching and placement support, we help our clients decrease schedule impacts, increase revenue, improve quality control and promote job site safety. Learn More

Innovative Solutions

Our dynamic product line provides innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and challenges across various industries. Our lab facilities allow our staff to drive advancements in our current products, pioneer new technologies and custom engineer foams to meet specific project parameters.

Ultimate Value

We give you more tools in your toolbox. Our solutions aren't necessarily used every day or in every project, but they have many applications and beneficial properties that provide an economical and sustainable option with an increased return on your investment.

The Experience

Our process does not end with the sale of our products. We take the next step in supporting our customers to meet their project goals and objectives with individualized solutions by utilizing a design-supply model.

Meet Our Team

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