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Ready Mix Applications

Controlled low strength material (CLSM) produced using AERFLOW is primarily used as a structural fill, a superior replacement to conventional compacted soil. The flowable nature of AERFLOW CLSM allows it to be easily placed in tight or restricted-access areas where it would be difficult to place and compact other fill materials. AERFLOW CLSM will not settle when loaded and easily fills voids, providing uniform support around utilities. AERFLOW CLSM can be placed very quickly and support traffic within hours of placement, minimizing construction schedules and impact to the public. AERFLOW is added to the ready mix truck on site and placed by the contractor.Learn More about AERFLOW

Typical Applications:
  • Utilitiy Trenches
  • Building Excavations
  • Pipe Bedding

  • Roadway Base
  • Subbase Stabilization
  • Abandoned Tank Fills

  • Road Cuts
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Sink Hole Fill

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