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The Aerix Family of Foaming Agents

Geotechnical Construction / Mining


AERLITE foam liquid concentrate is a hybrid formula that takes the highest performing strength attributes of the protein products and combines them with the fluidity and flexibility found in the straight synthetic products. The AERLITE family of foaming agents, most commonly used in geotechnical applications, produces a lightweight cellular concrete when combined with a cement slurry. Learn More


AERLITE-iX is the new generation of foam technology. The fully synthetic foam liquid concentrate in the AERLITE family of foaming agents is engineered to produce a more flexible bubble structure which allows for extended pumping distances and increased lift heights. AERLITE-iX is predominantly used in geotechnical applications and can meet challenges other products cannot. Learn More


AQUAERiX is an advanced, patented, synthetic liquid foam concentrate that utilizes an open-cell technology. AQUAERiX bubbles coalesce creating a capillary-like structure allowing water to pass through. When mixed with a cement slurry, AQUAERiX produces a pervious lightweight cellular concrete used in geotechnical applications where increased drainage or reduced buoyancy force is important. Learn More

Roofing / Manufacturing

Ready Mix

Materials Transport


MEARLCRETE is a traditional protein based foam liquid concentrate. Foam technology using protein formulas has been around since the 1940's. Protein formulas produce a rigid bubble structure which allows for higher compressive strengths but reduces lift heights and limits pumping distances. MEARLCRETE has a UL rating and FM approvals, and is predominantly used in the roofing industry. Learn More


AERFLOW is a synthetic foam liquid concentrate formulated for the production of controlled low strength material (CLSM), more commonly known as flowable fill or flow fill. 3 oz of AERFLOW per cubic yard of finished concrete will increase the slump of the initial mix from 1.5 inches to 7-9 inches. Yields can be increased by 20-25%. A new pervious flow fill product, AQUAFLOW is coming soon! Learn More


ARX-Transport is a synthetic foam liquid concentrate engineered to produce a pre-formed foam to transport solid materials such as mine tailings, crusher fines, or sand, either through a pipeline or for large void fill. Using foam technology as a transport medium dramatically reduces the amount of water needed to move the materials compared to traditional methods, reducing dewatering.Learn More

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