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With the pressure tank generating system, foam liquid concentrate and water are premixed in the tank. The solution is then discharged from the pressurized tank through the  foam-making nozzle. No additional water pump is required, the process is completed by air pressure alone. Pressure tank generating systems are optimal for operations where batching equipment is utilized. It is very cost effective when relatively small quantities of foam are required.

  • ASME coded, internally epoxy coated tanks
  • Air metering and premix metering assembly system
  • Premix metering assembly consisting of pickup tubes, strainers, and metering device
  • Calibrated nozzles with a nominal discharge rate of 5cfm, 10cfm, 20cfm, or 40cfm. Includes delivery hose (choice of  1/2″ or 3/4″)
  • Manual controls standard, AC or DC timer with solenoid valves are available
  • A complete owner/operator manual is supplied with each unit.

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