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Background Information

One of the most traveled highways on the United States’ east cost, I-95 has undergone a myriad of lane expansions over the years. One of those expansions occurred recently in Philadelphia, near the Cottman Avenue exit, a highly trafficked exit that is used daily by many commuters traveling to and from the city. This expansion was the second of three stages of construction in PennDOT’s $212 million interchange improvement project.

Project Details

This lane expansion began with the installation of T-WALL®* pre-cast concrete panels. These panels were installed in a below-grade grid and backfilled with lightweight cellular concrete. The foundation created by the T-Wall® structures and backfill provided the support needed for the weight of the above-ground pavement and traffic volume. The construction team at A-Deck Inc. decided to use Aerix’s AERLITE-iX non-pervious, lightweight cellular concrete for the backfill material, meeting PennDOT’s specification of a minimum compressive strength of 90 psi. A-Deck pumped a total of 6,800 cubic yards of AERLITE-iX cellular concrete below grade to support the interstate’s additional lanes.

Aerix's Added Value

Aerix’s AETRLITE-iX cellular concrete provided an ideal solution for this extensive lane expansion. Because it is highly flowable and lightweight, AERLITE-iX offered the quick-and-easy installation required for the project’s tight construction schedule, while also providing the strength needed to support the highway’s heavy volume of daily traffic. AERLITE-iX offered the additional benefits of being environmentally friendly and cost-effective, both elements that are vital to PennDOT’s projects, as they strive to protect the environment and conserve tax dollars all while improving the state’s massive and highly trafficked infrastructure. *T-Wall is a registered trademark by the Neel Company

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