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AQUAERiX -Permeable Low-Density Cellular Concrete

AQUAERiX produces a patented (US 8,172,937 B2) Permeable Low-Density Cellular Concrete (PLDCC) through the use of open-cell foam technology, which allows water to pass through the capillary-like bubble structure. PLDCC provides proven geotechnical solutions for applications requiring drainage capacities exceeding those obtainable from compacted soil or controlled low strength material (CLSM)

Engineered cement slurry mixes can range from 50 to 500 psi, with wet cast densities from 20 to 50 pcf. AQUAERiX is very durable, allowing the use of bottom ash in the mix design, which supports sustainable development and may increase the number of points awarded to a project under the LEED system. When site conditions or project schedules require faster set times, set accelerating admixtures, if approved by the Aerix technical team, can be incorporated into the mix.

AQUAERiX Pervious Cellular Concrete

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AQUAERiX Specifications

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