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The AERLITE family of foaming agents makes up our core products for the production of cellular concrete in the construction and mining industries. Made up of our hybrid formula AERLITE and our fully synthetic formula AERLITE-iX, the AERLITE family of foam liquid concentrates produces the most stable preformed foam in industry allowing for significant advancements in the application of cellular concrete.

Multiple production methods and engineered material properties create a diverse index of practical low density cellular concrete applications. The ability to precisely control density, slump and strength, position low density cellular concrete as an ideal alternative to traditional fill methods in many construction and mining applications. The Aerix Industries team is continually working to make advancements in foam technology and low density cellular concrete applications. AERLITE-iX is the next generation of foam liquid concentrates. The ability to engineer this fully synthetic foaming agent to meet specific densities, compressive strengths, and slumps has enabled us to customize the performance of our products to meet project specific requirements. The AERLITE-iX synthetic foaming agent has increased bubble stability, allows for higher flyash usage, and allows our technical team to engineer a material with a 2-9 inch slump range, increasing lift heights to 8-20 ft and lengthening pumping distances to over 15,000 ft.

Low density cellular concrete produced with the AERLITE family of foaming agents has a long track record of success providing value-engineered solutions when granular fills or lightweight aggregate material options are too heavy, site access is limited, or project schedules are tight. Low density cellular concrete produced with the AERLITE family of foaming agents is highly flowable and easily placed. The material does not require pre-loading for settlement mitigation, and provides a 2 to 1 point-load distribution edge. The fluid material will completely fill annular spaces and exhibits shrinkage of less that 0.3%.

AERLITE Family for Geotechnical Applications

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AERLITE Family Specifications

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