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The Executive Team

Brian Masloff
Senior Research Scientist

Brian has more than 30 years experience developing foaming agents and placement processes. He has worked extensively with the Colorado School of Mines Research Institute and in the private contracting sector. He has authored and co-authored multiple patents being utilized globally in various industries.  Brian is responsible for product development and implementation, working closely with design engineers and contractors, and has been with the Aerix team since 2006.

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Rich Palladino

Rich has a degree in Business Administration from Hofstra University and more than 30 years of experience in the concrete industry.  Since 1999 Rich has dedicated his time and energy to promoting awareness and educating the engineering and construction community on foam technology as President of Aerix Industries. Under his leadership, Aerix has pioneered new technologies, filing multiple patents and making advancements in the industry of cellular concrete and foam technology.

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Milton Gomez
Vice President

Milton holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Temple University and an M.S. in Engineering Management from Drexel University. He manages the Allentown, PA office and is responsible for sales and technical support for Eastern North America and our International customers. Milton is fluent in Spanish and has been working with foam technology and cellular concrete applications since 2005.

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The Management Team

Linn Clemens

Linn is a graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania and has over 30 years of accounting experience.  He joined the Aerix team in 2010 and  is responsible for all financial activities and office administration.

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Tom Girardi
Warehouse Logistics

Tom has been with Aerix Industries since 2011 and handles all of the logistics for our equipment, foam generators, and materials that need to be shipped or received by our customers.  Tom builds all of our foam generators and works in conjunction with trucking reps in order to make sure the equipment gets to an from specified locations safely and securely.  He also keeps track of inventory, speaks with vendors, and handles questions from customers regarding the use of our equipment.

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Nico Sutmoller
Lightweight Fill Specialist

Nico works in conjunction with the technical staff in providing his knowledge and experience with numerous geotechnical, civil and structural issues, including unacceptable soil settlement, lateral load reduction, slope stabilization and reducing loads over buried utility issues.  Nico also works with specialty contractors, sub-contractors and general contractors to install the Aerix technologies including the Aerix patented pervious cellular concrete technology.

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Joe Feiler
Senior Field Support and Mining Engineer

Joe has a Bachelor’s of Science from the Colorado School of Mines.  He has a broad project management and engineering background encompassing more than thirty years’ experience.  His expertise has been proven in diverse and unusual project types involving the mining, general construction, environmental remediation and oil and gas disciplines.  Joe has conducted projects from the perspectives of construction manager, engineer, contractor, project manager, superintendent and consultant. Joe is also experienced in underground and surface work at active and inactive mines and tunnels at high altitude locations.

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Sami Safi
Technical Support Engineer

Sami has a degree from Penn State University in Engineering and just recently joined the Aerix team in August 2014.  Sami is located at our Allentown PA office and provides technical support to customers by assisting them with questions regarding our foaming agents and foam generators.  Sami is in charge of quality control of our foaming agents and tests the agents to ensure each product meets the ASTM standards.

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Timothy Zaborowski
Marketing Communications Specialist

Timothy has a degree from Penn State University in Business Management and Marketing. Timothy has recently joined the Aerix team and is located in our Allentown, PA office. He brings with him a variety of experience in different areas of business included but not limited to: digital marketing, data entry, sales, social media management, content production, product marketing and management, brand recognition and SEO.

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