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The world's leading supplier and manufacturer of foam liquid concentrates for the production of low-density cellular concrete and advanced engineered foam solutions

Company History

Established as Mearl Corporation in 1942, the company created a foothold in the cellular concrete world through the roofing industry by developing MEARLCRETE, the industry's most recognized brand in lightweight insulating concrete for roof decks. In 1996 the Mearl Corporation was acquired by Engelhard Corporation as an addition to their Pigments and Additives Group. As the industry began to grow, a group of Investors purchased the company from Engelhard in 1999 and re-named it Cellular Concrete LLC. Over the next 7 years Cellular Concrete LLC grew steadily, increasing our market reach to include the geotechnical construction, manufacturing and ready mix industries. In the early 2000's our company made significant advancements in synthetic foam technology. We brought the first open-celled foaming agent to the market place allowing for the production of a pervious cellular concrete. As we continued to dedicate our time to innovative new products and solutions we decided to reflect through the company name that we are not just about products, but providing solutions to our clients and modified the moniker to Cellular Concrete Solutions in 2008.

Since then, our company, staff, and foam technologies have been evolving past just the production of cellular concrete. We are using foam technology with no cementitious binder in the mining industry for material transport, ARD mitigation and tunneling applications. In 2012 this progress inspired us to embark on a re-branding campaign that would elevate the company image to more accurately align with our dynamic product line and dedication to advancing the industry. We are very excited about our new brand, Aerix Industries, and feel this change will allow us to more effectively accommodate future growth.
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